Why you need a specialist Amazon agency

Without an Amazon agency to set up and manage your Amazon advertising campaign, it can be difficult to know if what you are doing is working. The Amazon advertising platform can be complex to the untrained eye and it is easy to miss an important setting that can lead to incorrect targeting, loss of budget or your product listings being hidden from the search results altogether.

There are many ecommerce agencies who promise the world, however, they often lack the specialist knowledge that only a full-service Amazon ecommerce agency will have. At Melody, our focus is your product listings and how we can get the best value for your budget. We create a foolproof strategy that takes into consideration short-term and long-term changes, so every penny spent on your Amazon marketing is utilised in the best way.

Instead of playing email table tennis with an Amazon employee to find the assistance you require, an Amazon agency provides you with the human interaction you need to get the best advice for how to optimise your campaigns without any bias or ulterior motive. As we’re part of the Amazon Solution Provider Network, this gives us an edge and exclusive insight with the benefit of dedicated account management. It’s far easier for our clients to come directly to us as part of their Amazon consulting service and get objective advice, rather than asking Amazon themselves who are keen for brands to up their spend.

Some brands are discouraged at the thought of outsourcing their Amazon management to an agency as they think it might be too costly given existing margins are already reduced by Amazon fees. Once you discover the growth we can achieve for you, our Amazon marketing services performance-based model will seem highly affordable.

We won’t promise you the earth and set unrealistic goals. We will perform in-depth keyword research and use our design and copywriting expertise to create enticing, detailed product listing content that will drive sales and stand out from your competitors. Equally you will regularly receive a report detailing, for example, the reach of your listings, the keywords your listings have appeared for, how much each click to your listing has cost and (most importantly) how many sales you have achieved.

At Melody, we’re proud to be part of Amazon’s Solution Provider Network. If you would like to make the most of your investment, let us help and see how far we can take your brand and budget.

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This article was written by Matthew Howes, Ecommerce Director at Melody.

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