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With more than 310 million active customer accounts on the platform, it’s estimated that an incredible 86% of UK shoppers now use Amazon. It’s quickly become the first point of call for millions browsing for products online.

As increasing numbers of people shop there, more and more businesses sell there, making it a hugely competitive marketplace for brands – especially ones who are trying to get established on Amazon. Even household names can sometimes struggle if their strategy isn’t right. But if you know what you’re doing, you can showcase your products to millions of prospective buyers and turn initial discovery into sales.

The key to success is understanding the platform, so that your advertising strategy helps you build brand awareness, reach clients across multiple markets, and perhaps most importantly – stand out from your competitors. So, to ensure they hit the ground running, many brands turn to experienced Amazon agencies for help, agencies like Melody.

Over the past three years, we have consistently produced fantastic results for clients across multiple categories, generating over $250 million in sales. In fact, in 2021, we helped our clients’ products rank as the two top non-Amazon best sellers on Cyber Monday in the UK.

We’re a full-service Amazon agency, so can help with everything from set-up to account management, media strategy and content creation. Here are just some of the ways we could assist your business:

Free performance audit

If you’re already on Amazon but not doing as well as you’d hoped, it can be hard to identify which areas could be improved, especially if you set up the advertising campaign by yourself.

Amazon’s functions and features can be confusing. And if you don’t have in-depth knowledge of the platform, sometimes fixing one thing can ‘break’ another.

So, we offer a FREE content audit looking at your product listings and those of your competitors in a full market analysis. We make recommendations of how to enhance listings with the most relevant and competitive material available in your category and highlight areas that need improvement or that are currently jeopardising the success of your campaign.

As part of the process, we review your keyword strategy and suggest how we could adjust your content to make it fully SEO-optimised. And we’d highlight how we could enhance the visuals in your product listings, including optimising photos, to boost conversion.

We also work with you to review your business objectives, KPIs, and monthly advertising spend as part of an Amazon advertising audit. It’s designed to make sure you’re using your budget in the most effective way to generate the most revenue. One of our experienced account managers will look for problem areas such as inadequate setup, low volume keyword targeting, or problems with your product listings – all of which may be preventing customers from engaging with your products. Or you could be mistakenly prioritising some products or choosing the wrong audience to target. An audit will help you make sense of the data and identify any weaknesses in your campaigns so you can make the right adjustments to maximise ROI.

PPC advertising

We can help with your PPC advertising too. As members of Amazon’s Global Partner Network, we have built up a deep understanding of the platform, how it works and how to win. Our knowledge and experience are invaluable in helping you develop a well-structured strategy that will deliver the results you need to meet, and beat, your commercial objectives.

Working with the findings of your campaign data, we’ll use our experience to develop results-driven strategies based on what we know is. From then on in, your dedicated account manager will regularly monitor your campaigns, optimising your Amazon-sponsored advertisements and making adjustments as needed to maintain peak performance.

Our service includes:

  • Competitor and market review – identifying RoAS opportunities in your category
  • Forecasting based on exclusive data we have from Amazon through being part of their Global Partner Network
  • Bespoke strategy based on market review/insights
  • All PPC campaign set-up and daily management – ongoing optimisation to ensure maximum performance
  • Account management support with any/all queries about Amazon
  • Regular reporting and reviews – a personal relationship with your team who will hold regular calls (or f2f meetings if you prefer) to review strategy/performance
  • Support with pricing and new product development
  • Ensure your advertising campaign complies with any Amazon policy changes

And while we do all that, you’re free to focus on other parts of your business.

Brand stores

Brand stores give you the opportunity to use compelling content and messaging to create a more authentic connection with your audience. It’s your space – so there’s no competitor intrusion, leaving you free to bring your brand and product range to life and engage potential customers with information that’s richer, deeper, and more personal.

Once your store is ready, we use sponsored brand advertisements to drive traffic to your page, increasing RoAS by up to 22%. But first, we use the results of your competitor and category audit to help us craft an engaging storefront design that really stands out, packed with content that we know will add value to the shopper experience and help you close sales.

What’s more, we then upload everything to Amazon, saving you time, hassle and hard work.

Revenue sharing model

We should also mention that Melody works on a revenue-shared model for success. This transparent way of working means that you know exactly what you’re paying for. But it also means that the less we spend and the more revenue we generate, the better it is for both parties. We’d be more than happy to talk you through it, but this is how it works:

  • 1 set monthly fee, or a fixed % of net sales generated through Amazon advertising (whichever is greater)
  • No hidden fees
  • No retainer
  • Account Management and media services are all included

As part of our transparent way of working, we believe in proving our worth to new clients. So, we offer:

  • 3-month trial with no further commitment
  • Complimentary account audit
  • Free best practice recommendations

Get in touch now to request a complimentary audit, or book some time to discuss your requirements with an Amazon consultant here.

This article was written by Lily Tenchurina @ Melody Agency.

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