Amazon Advertising Campaign Metrics to Monitor

You can’t just set up an Amazon advertising campaign and expect it to be successful. To drive sales and make the most of your budget, campaigns need to be consistently monitored, modified and optimised to get the most reach. You need to know your way around the Amazon advertising interface, which can be a little overwhelming – especially if this is one of your first campaigns. But don’t worry, there are a small number of main metrics to monitor regularly to make sure you aren’t going astray from your business plan or missing crucial errors that are jeopardising your entire campaign. So if you do nothing more, make sure you focus on:


Depending on the type of advertising you’re doing, ‘budget’ will mean something different. If you’re setting up sponsored product ads, your budget refers to how much you’re willing to spend each day on your campaign. If, however you have a sponsored brands campaign, your budget will refer to the total amount you’re willing to spend over the lifetime of the campaign.

Monitoring your budget regularly and making sure your account is set up correctly is essential as it will help ensure you don’t waste money. Over time, you’ll be able to adapt your campaign to conserve and make the most of your budget. For example, once you have data on how users interact with your ads, you’ll be able to tailor your campaign accordingly, scheduling what time of day and day of the week your ads are shown to maximise performance.


If your Amazon advertising campaign isn’t driving sales, then something’s wrong and needs to change. Don’t worry if you see peaks and troughs throughout the year, it’s normal that you’ll experience an ebb-and-flow as factors such as seasonal demand increase your product’s popularity. However, you should monitor your sales each month to identify which ads and products are delivering the most sales. That way, you can push more of your campaign budget into these to maximise ROI.


Amazon ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale) is a key metric to measure the performance of an Amazon PPC campaign. Your ACoS is worked out by dividing your total spend by total sales then multiplying by 100.

For example, if your advertising campaign led to £400 worth of sales and the ads cost you £100, your ACoS would be 100 / 400 * 100 = 25%. In simpler terms, for every £1 you earned, you paid 25p on advertising. An ACoS of 15-20% is ideal.

Constant monitoring of your campaign is essential – but takes time. If you’re too busy to fully invest in your Amazon advertising campaign, we can help. Find out more about our Amazon account management services and how we can accelerate the growth of your campaign.

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