Do Amazon Sponsored Products Sell Better?

With Amazon’s success skyrocketing in recent years, many brands are considering selling at least some of their products on Amazon, switching focus away from their own ecommerce website.

Brands looking to drive sales through their own websites usually do so with the likes of Google Ads, Google’s paid advertising platform that promotes your website or product via their search results. But for some, Amazon Ads could generate a far better ROI than Google.

Do Amazon Sponsored Products Sell Better?

It’s easy to see why so many brands still try to drive sales via their own website. They’ve already invested time and money in its creation and maintenance. And it’s a platform they understand, so it’s easy and relatively stress-free. But if you want to truly compete, you need to get your brand in front of an audience that’s ready to shop, and that means advertising further afield rather than waiting for customers to just come to you.

No matter how much SEO you focus into your website, you will never be able to compete with the amount of traffic Amazon receives on a daily basis. Amazon is the largest marketplace in the World and still expanding, having grown a further 50% in 2021 alone! Users on Amazon are ready to buy and are actively seeking the right product at the right price. You just need to entice them into buying your product above a competitor. And that’s where Amazon’s product advertising techniques come into play.

Unlike Google, where potential customers spend a lot of time doing research into further product information and competitors, Amazon is used solely for shopping. So, when paying for Google Ads, you may be paying for a click that ultimately leads to a sale for your competitor or irrelevant traffic from a user in the discovery phase of your product. As a result, conversion rates on Amazon are far higher due to Amazon’s extensive targeting options which help get your products directly in front of motivated buyers.

And don’t be put off by Amazon fees. As we tell our clients, the vast customer base Amazon gives you access to could increase sales so drastically, that the ROI is a no-brainer.

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