How to boost sales with Amazon PPC

If you’re selling on Amazon and are looking to boost the number of sales you receive, it might be worth considering Amazon PPC (Pay-Per-Click). Similar to advertising on the likes of Google, Amazon Sponsored Ads can greatly improve the visibility of your products, leading to increased sales. So, let’s take a look at Amazon PPC in more detail:

Increased visibility

By paying for a sponsored product listing, you’re increasing your product’s visibility for terms you’d love to rank well for organically. At the moment, you may be struggling to compete with your competitors for a top spot in the rankings. But by paying for sponsored listings, you will appear above them in the search rankings. It ensures that your product is seen first and by a potentially larger audience, as fewer people scroll beyond the first page of listings.

Increased sales

It’s little surprise that increased sales and increased visibility go hand in hand. By getting your products on the first page and in front of more people, you’ll gain sales that you otherwise would have missed due to a poor ranking position. If your products and customer service are good, you’ll build a strong base of repeat customers as new shoppers see you as a trusted brand they’ve purchased from before.

More reviews

By advertising on Amazon and increasing your sales, you are likely to start gaining more reviews from new customers too. The reviews will help you rank better organically within the Amazon search results and will also make you appear more trustworthy to potential buyers. If you are new to advertising on Amazon, you’re likely to have fewer reviews. But don’t worry, they will build over time and Amazon PPC is a great way to build brand awareness and brand trust.

Keyword research

Using advertising to open up your product listings to a wider audience can also help you organically. The increase in clicks and impressions will give you a larger list of keywords that customers are using to find you with. Adopting these keywords in your product listings will help you rank better organically.

If you are interested in setting up Amazon PPC advertising and need a trusted Amazon consultant to manage the ins and outs for you, get in touch and one of our experts will guide you through the many ways in which we can offer help and support.

This article was written by Matt Howes, Ecommerce Director at Melody agency.

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