How To Get An Amazon Prime Badge

The importance of an Amazon Prime Badge

A highly sought-after feature by Amazon sellers, the Amazon Prime badge is a sign to potential customers that your product will be shipped and delivered faster than competitor products without it. Having the Amazon Prime badge is (almost) a guarantee that your product will win the Buy Box too – further enhancing the visibility of your product listing.

Customers also have an unconscious bias over products that feature the Prime badge, seeing them as much more trustworthy than those without the badge.

So, obtaining the badge should be an important part of any seller’s strategy as it can lead to increased sales and overall customer spend.

How do you get the Amazon Prime badge?

Brands who sign up to Amazon as a vender, not a seller, automatically receive the Amazon Prime badge on all their product listings, as vendors sell straight to Amazon who then take care of all the warehouse and distribution services.

However, sellers can also be given the Amazon prime badge if they select one of two shopping options: fulfilment by Amazon or seller-fulfilled Prime. So, let’s explore each option in a little more detail.

Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)

FBA is the most common method of achieving the Prime badge. Sellers simply send their products to an Amazon fulfilment centre where they are stored ready to be shipped directly to customers. Because you’re using Amazon’s own distribution services, they can guarantee your products comply with their Prime guidelines, streamlining the application of the Prime badge to your ASINs.

Seller-Fulfilled Prime (SFP)

With the SFP programme, vendors need to have an impressive track record of great customer service. Amazon expect 99% of products to have been sent out to sellers on time with cancellation rates of less than 1%. Convincing Amazon that you can fulfil orders efficiently and quickly may take a little time, so being awarded the Prime badge is unlikely to be instantaneous. And if you slip up, you risk the Prime badge being withdrawn for your ASINs – meaning you’ll have to earn it all over again.

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