How to optimise your Amazon Advertising for the New Year

With the holiday season now firmly behind us, there are changes you need to make to your Amazon advertising strategy to adapt to the change in shopper mindset and behaviour. November and December will have seen most businesses seeing increases in impressions, clicks and sales from their advertising campaigns. The traditional January sales period will also have seen spikes. But by early February, numbers will begin to return to ‘normal’ and if you aren’t prepped for the aftermath, you could start the first quarter off by wasting budget.

For a smooth transition from Q4 to Q1, here are our top tips:

Lower Bids

With increased competition and searches during the holiday season, bids will have been at an annual high. As these seasonal numbers dwindle, it’s crucial that you are aware of the change and plan ahead to prevent overspending or over-bidding. As you transition into Q1, lower bids and budgets for your Amazon advertising campaigns back to pre-holiday levels (unless your 2022 business plan states otherwise).


Remember to pause expensive and seasonal keywords and focus your efforts on your best performing terms and targeting tactics. With shopper behaviour ebbing and flowing after the Christmas and January sales period, the keywords which drove success during the holidays may now not be worth the investment.

Refresh your creative

If you customised your creative and headlines for the holiday season, ensure that you revert back to their previous pre-Christmas state or swap out the seasonal message for new keywords you want to optimise for. Forgetting to do this may be off-putting to potential customers.

If you want to kickstart Q1 with revamped Amazon advertising campaigns, contact our team now for a free consultation.

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