How To Stand Out On Amazon

With millions of products available to buy on Amazon, getting potential customers to notice yours and see how great it is, isn’t easy. The platform is only going to get more competitive, with the number of brands advertising and selling on Amazon increasing every day. So, it’s crucial brands have a marketing strategy in place to ensure they stand out in one of the world’s most crowded marketplaces.

The search results pages across Amazon see multiple brands fighting for the same clicks and sales. You need to utilise all aspects of your Amazon listing to entice customers to buy your product over a competitor.

Here are some top tips on how to stand out on Amazon and increase sales…

Product Description

Customers spend only a few seconds reading your product description. So, make sure your descriptions work hard to attract attention, as they can be the difference between converting or not converting a sale.

Provide clear, useful information that reassures a customer and gives them the confidence to purchase your product. An effective product description tells a customer why they need your product, answers any questions they may have and is also fully optimised with SEO keywords to help boost your organic rankings.


Your images are the first thing to catch a customers’ attention in the product listing pages. So, it is critical that they are fit for purpose. Poor quality images can suggest your product is poorly made or is not worth the money. Products that only include one or two images on their listing page also suggest poor quality products, or a brand that is not on par with competitor products.

To be effective, your product listing should include the following types of images:

  • 360-degree product view with multiple angles and dimensions
  • A mix of product and lifestyle imagery to help customers visualise the product
  • If the product can be used for different things or occasions, show them to appeal to a broader audience
  • If you’re selling food or drink, make sure it looks appetising and appealing
  • Help showcase how to assemble, use or store your product if relevant

Amazon Storefront

Acting as a professional website but on Amazon’s platform, an Amazon Storefront is an effective way to inform customers about your brand and the quality of your products. Customers are able to see all the products you are selling, grouped into categories and aesthetically displayed to showcase your full range.

Fully customisable, brands can showcase their best selling or seasonal products and hide their non-best-selling items. Amazon storefronts help give your brand an identity on Amazon without other brands stealing the limelight.

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