Increasing Sales on Amazon: What You Need to Know

The COVID-19 pandemic saw a huge shift in the shopping habits of customers. With less access to physical retail stores, more and more shoppers turned to online stores – especially Amazon. The platform is almost unrecognisable compared to pre-pandemic times. As increasing numbers of people bought from Amazon, more and more brands signed up to sell their products, creating a fiercely competitive marketplace – even for niche products and sectors.

To increase sales in such a competitive space, you need a clear understanding of how to make the most of what Amazon has to offer, which is why many businesses are investing in an Amazon advertising agency to help set-up and manage their campaigns and product listing pages.

With in-house Amazon specialists and a host of proven case studies across all sectors that demonstrate great ROIs for our clients, the expert team at Melody Agency know their stuff about how to increase sales on Amazon. Here are our top three tips:

Gain more reviews

Positive reviews about your brand and product are incredibly valuable. Many users base their buying decision on the positive, or negative, feedback from real-life customers. Reviews help build trust in your brand, help showcase the positives of your product and reassure potential customers that the product they want to buy is fit for purpose.

To gain more reviews, you need to put a strategy in place that will reach out to customers to encourage them to leave honest feedback about their purchase. You shouldn’t try to manipulate their review, it needs to be authentic, honest and factual.

Here are a few, simple ways to encourage Amazon reviews:

  • Once a customer’s order has been delivered, follow up with an email enquiring if they would be happy to leave a review about their experience
  • Include a thank you note with every order with a gentle reminder to leave a review
  • Use your social media platforms to remind existing customers to review their previous orders, this is especially effective if you have a large/loyal following

Enhance your product descriptions

If your product listings get a good click-through rate but your conversion rates are low, your product listing copy might not be working as hard as it could. In addition to eye-catching imagery that showcases your product and its features, your product listings also need to contain engaging copy that brings your product to life. The copy needs to be crafted so that it’s authentic to your brand whilst answering any potential questions customers may have about your product, so they instantly feel it’s exactly what they were looking for.

A specialist Amazon advertising agency will be able to work with you to create enticing copy that fits with your brand and highlights the key selling points of each of your products. Keywords will be woven into the copy to boost SEO and the agency will help you define your Amazon demographic so that the copy can be tailored to your target audience – appealing directly to the people looking for businesses like yours.

Amazon PPC

Investing in a sponsored (paid) Amazon campaign to run alongside your organic product listings can help increase your brand visibility and help target potential customers who may not have otherwise found your products. But with so many different Amazon advertising methods to choose from, it’s hard to know which to tailor to your business goals and ad spend budget.

Outsourcing your campaigns to an Amazon PPC agency like Melody saves time and money. Our expert team continuously optimise your campaigns to ensure you’re not losing out to your competitors and employ strategies to secure the number one search position for your products. We specialise in helping businesses succeed on Amazon, running successful SEO and PPC campaigns for clients of all sizes and across all sectors.

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