Why is Amazon good for Advertising?

Amazon has completely transformed the face of advertising and now provides some of the most cost-effective methods of advertising to boost sales on the platform. So, if you’re selling on Amazon but are undecided as to whether you should delve into the world of Amazon advertising, here are our top three reasons why we think it’s a great idea.


The Amazon advertising platform is very user-friendly and is far easier to pick up than other platforms, making it perfect for beginners. The interface clearly sets out how to set up different campaign types, guiding you through what each option means for your business and helping with choosing the correct keywords, bids and more.

There are more advanced features available, be we recommend you get to grips with the basics first. You can easily enhance your campaigns with the additional features later.

Engaged audience

Millions of people shop and browse on Amazon every day. Ready to buy, the engaged audience just want to find the right product, which is why conversation rates are 10x higher on Amazon than on other PPC platforms.

Because they know exactly what they want, Amazon users use long tail keywords containing all the important product features they are looking for. These long tail keywords will have lower CPC rates than short tail keywords, keeping costs low for advertisers but conversion rates high.

Behaviour insights

Amazon is an online retailer unlike any other. Users come to Amazon to buy, which puts the platform in the unique position to be able to offer brands unrivalled analytical insights into user behaviour.

Because Amazon understands how their users shop, they can use this insight to help you create Amazon product advertising campaigns that really work, taking the guesswork out of the entire process.

If you need help creating enticing, detailed product listing ads that convert searches into sales, contact our team for expert advice.

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