We’ll identify and recover funds you didn’t even know existed.

Individual Amazon charge and invoice checks every quarter

Small start-up or established brand. Seller Central or Vendor Central. If you’re selling products on Amazon, monitoring your inventory and fees is key to your brand’s overall success.

It is easy to overlook erroneous deductions. Mistakes can and do happen, no matter how many checks and processes Amazon have in place. Fees can be miscalculated, stock lost in transit or damaged at the warehouse. Keeping on top of all of this is important. Most accounting software can’t manage Amazon’s unique accounting practices, especially the DFP (Deduct from Payment) mechanism and Provision for Receivables. It’s also a hassle, time-consuming and confusing. So, why not let us do it for you?

Our reimbursement service, powered by Three Colts, monitors your account to make sure there are no discrepancies in your Amazon inventory and fees. Every potential claim, whether it’s to do with damaged stock, returned goods, lost items, or lost sales through stock shortages, is then reviewed by our team of experts, and filed with Amazon. And we follow-up each and every claim to make sure you are properly refunded.

Reimbursement Dashboard


It’s estimated that up to 3% of Amazon seller inventory goes unaccounted for. We’ll audit and reconcile your account every quarter to highlight any discrepancies against:

  • Missing From Inbound
  • Damaged Inventory (in warehouse)
  • Damaged Inventory (in transit)
  • Lost Inventory (in warehouse)
  • Lost Inventory (in transit)
  • Discrepant Inventory
  • Inventory Disposals
  • Inventory Not Fully Reimbursed
  • Uncredited Inventory (post Amazon status changes)
  • FBA fees
  • Dimension & weight discrepancies
  • Incorrectly refunded customer returns
  • FBA fraud returns


The cost of Amazon errors made in managing your inventory and invoices is estimated to be somewhere between 1% and 3% of your total sales. We’ll audit and reconcile your account to check against:

  • PO to shipment discrepancies
  • Shipment to fees discrepancies
  • Invoice to receivals discrepancies
  • Payments to inventory-shipped discrepancies
  • COOP fees
  • Pricing issues
  • Chargeback claims
Reimbursement Data example for payment received, net profit, disputes raised, and potential recoup

Using a combination of proprietary tools and technology, our team of experts will individually review every Amazon charge and invoice to ensure fees haven’t been overcharged, and all inventory sent to Amazon has been invoiced and priced correctly. Our vision, is to deliver the easiest and most effective way to increase your profitability.

Our audits can recover fees for up to 3 calendar years for some issues and to the beginning of the account history for others.

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