How An Amazon Advertising Audit Can Improve Your Strategy

Combining enticing imagery and descriptive product listings with competitive pricing, optimisation and proactive management is the key to success for sellers on Amazon. When your campaigns aren’t yielding the results that you’d hoped for, it can be hard to work out which area is failing and needs improvement, especially if you’ve set them up yourself. Taking a step back to look objectively at your campaigns isn’t the easiest thing to do. Without in-depth knowledge of the platform, how do you even begin to put things right?

There are so many different functions and features within the Amazon interface, making changes without knowing what you’re doing can have a serious impact on your campaigns. Which is why we would always recommend working with an Amazon agency. A reputable Amazon marketing agency will even provide you with a free Amazon advertising audit prior to signing up for their services, highlighting areas of your campaign that need improvement or are seriously damaging your success.

An Amazon advertising audit will take into account your business goals, KPIs, monthly advertising spend and determine if budget is being spent in the best way to yield the best results and make the most profit. An account manager will deep dive into your account and pin-point areas that are letting you down, such as poor set-up, low volume keyword targeting or issues with your product listings, any or all of which might be deterring customers from engaging with your products.

If you struggle to understand your data, you may be prioritising the wrong products or targeting the wrong audience by mistake. An audit can clearly outline your campaigns’ vulnerabilities and give you a strategy going forward to right your wrongs.

Find out more about our free performance audit here.

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