These Keywords Are Banned on Amazon

As an Amazon seller, it’s important to protect your performance by following Amazon’s guidelines.

Amazon has a list of banned keywords that you aren’t allowed to use in your Amazon enhanced brand content and storefronts, as well as keywords that they don’t recommend you use.

Including any of the banned terms in your copy will hinder your performance and could cause potential damage to your entire campaign. Even if you get everything else right, getting the basics wrong will lead to Amazon penalising you.

Here’s a list of the keywords you must NOT use in Your Amazon content:

  • Buy with confidence
  • Black Friday
  • Special offers
  • Price
  • Guarantee
  • World leading
  • World best
  • Award-winning
  • Affordable
  • Cheap
  • Bonus

As well as the above phrases, sellers are also subject to restrictions which limit their promotional content.

Strict rules are in place for product detail pages, ensuring that only factual and descriptive information is supplied to the consumer. Your product titles:

  • Must not exceed 200 characters (including spaces)
  • Must not contain promotional phrases i.e. quality guaranteed
  • Must not contain decorative characters i.e. ! ? #
  • Must provide the consumer with product information, such as what the product is and its size/colour/model

Unlike their set list of banned keywords, other content restrictions for Amazon enhanced brand content are less black and white. More of a guideline and less of a dictate, they include:

  • Do not mention off-Amazon refunds or returns
  • Do not directly compare your product to competitors – by name or otherwise
  • Do not use boastful claims i.e. ‘best selling’ or ‘#1 rated’
  • Do not mention pricing i.e. the use of ‘cheap’, ‘affordable’ and ‘free’
  • Do not include leading messaging i.e. ‘buy now’ or ‘add to cart’
  • Do not use environmental claims i.e. ‘eco-friendly’ or ‘biodegradable’ without sufficient evidence

Amazon’s guidelines are extensive, making it harder to keep track of whether you’re doing everything right. But breaking them prove catastrophic. So to ensure your listings and campaigns run smoothly, try working with an Amazon advertising agency who have full knowledge of what is and isn’t allowed on the platform.

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