Benefits of Amazon Sponsored Products

Amazon sellers looking to boost product sales and visibility can benefit by using Amazon Sponsored Products – individual advertisements for product listings. They help to create a foolproof Amazon advertising strategy when combined with SEO as part of your broader Amazon strategy, ensuring your products reach potential customers both organically and via advertising.

What are Amazon Sponsored Products?

The individual advertisements appear in search results as well as product detail pages, enabling you to target customers who are actively searching for your product, or similar products, by showcasing your product in search results.

Amazon Sponsored Products Example

If you’re already selling on Amazon, it’s a great way to strengthen your strategy and is fundamental to a successful Amazon sales strategy overall.

Here are some of the ways a Sponsored Products campaign can benefit your business:

Increased product visibility

Setting up keyword targeting in your campaign determines how and when your Sponsored Product ads appear in the search results. Amazon Sponsored Products will propel your brand to high-ranking position, which is quicker than relying solely on organic search keyword targeting. So, if you’re currently struggling to reach page one of the search results, investing in Amazon advertising helps you get to the top of the page in a few simple clicks.

Stock clearance and seasonality

Businesses with a growing list of products often need to sell stock that they are discontinuing to make room for new or updated ranges. Amazon Sponsored Products will increase visibility, ensuring your ads are seen by more people and sell faster. Sponsored ads are also a popular advertising method for businesses selling seasonal products, such as Christmas decorations or Easter hampers, as you can set up time-sensitive campaigns.

New product showcase

It can be difficult to drive product listing clicks and generate sales for newer products that haven’t been reviewed yet. Sponsored Product ads help you launch with a bang, showcasing your new products to people looking to buy them or something similar. This kind of advertising can be especially successful for businesses selling highly sought-after products.

Pay for results

Sponsored ads are a results-driven advertising method, so you only pay when a shopper clicks on your ad rather than per view. To help you maximise your budget, you are able to decide how much you are willing to pay per click and set a maximum daily budget.

When set up and managed correctly, Amazon sponsored product ads can achieve a great ROI and become an essential part of your Amazon advertising strategy.

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