How long does it take for Amazon PPC Ads to receive impressions?

Amazon decides when to display your product ads through Automated Campaigns based on the keywords found in your product listing’s title, description, and other copy. But in Manual campaigns, the Seller manually specifies the keywords and the bid rates.

Based on this, we often get asked whether manual and automatic campaigns can be conducted at the same time? And how long it will take for people to see your Amazon ads? We’ll answer these and other connected questions in the article below.

Why is there a warm-up phase?

Each advertising campaign has a warm-up phase. Before allowing your campaign and product to run freely on the site, Amazon first needs to evaluate them – the warm-up phase. The amount of exposure you are receiving should then remain steady once the campaign has warmed up.

Automatic campaigns typically begin to work effectively and receive impressions within a few days. Manual campaigns however are a different matter. Between 2016-17, campaigns would normally take just 2-4 weeks to warm-up. But since Amazon’s modifications in 2018, it can now take up to 8 weeks. Manual ad campaigns won’t receive enough impressions prior to that time for you to effectively optimise them.

Can you run both manual and automatic campaigns for the same products?

Actually, running both automatic and manual campaigns simultaneously is a frequently used strategy amongst advertisers.

When compared to the automatic campaign, which functions as a research tool and has lower bids, the manual campaign can concentrate on tested keywords and make use of a larger budget. The top keywords from the automatic campaign can eventually be moved to the manual campaign.

The bids for the manual campaign might be adjusted higher than those for the automatic campaign to ensure that you are not paying for the same keywords in both campaigns. To prevent your advertisement from showing up in irrelevant search results, you may also add negative keywords.

To ensure that your listings are seen by as many people as possible, ensure that they are fully optimised and, if you can, think about investing in an ad automation solution. Our Amazon ad agency experts are on hand to talk you through this and offer individual advice and solutions based on your business needs. So, if you’re searching for an experienced Amazon Consulting agency to help you maximise the effectiveness of your Amazon Advertising services, look no further than Melody!

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