How to improve Amazon Customer Satisfaction

Customers are the key to Amazon’s success. Unlike other business models, Amazon prioritises customer satisfaction to such an extent that it forms part of their ranking algorithm. Delivering a high level of customer satisfaction can have a positive impact on your business, increasing your rankings in search result pages and achieving a higher conversion rate. But first, you need to know how to improve your Amazon customer satisfaction. So, here are some of our top tips:

Play by the rules

Amazon has a long list of rules and regulations that brands must comply with in order to sell on the platform. These rules outline what methods you can and cannot use to increase your visibility and sales. For example, there are rules on how to encourage and gain customer feedback, with Amazon clamping down hard on sellers who gain fake reviews to bolster their performance.  If Amazon identifies you breaking any of their rules, your account will be suspended, and you will no longer be able to sell on Amazon.

Efficient fulfilment

In order to keep customers happy, you must have an efficient fulfilment process. Maintaining inventory levels, monitoring your inventory and managing stocked items are all critical factors. Customers want their products delivered quickly and effortlessly, so it is important that you meet demand by keeping items in stock as much as possible and limiting the amount of time items appear out of stock. Providing a fast delivery service that can be tracked is also important for customer reassurance.

Amazon’s FBA shipping service is just one of the ways you can streamline fulfilment. You send your stock to Amazon, and they ship products directly to your customer in a timely manner, providing a good service without you having to do any of the hard work.

Deliver on customer service

Listening to your customers and providing them with the high levels of customer service they expect is essential. If you can improve your customer service, you’ll encourage good reviews and drive repeat purchase. Ensure your product description and imagery are accurate and answer as many potential questions customers may have about your product and business. Keep on top questions that are submitted via the product listing page, so shoppers can see you value their business. And always provide honest answers and show empathy for customers who may be experiencing an issue, dealing with the problem quickly and professionally.

Dealing with negative feedback

As a brand owner, you naturally feel passionate about your product. So, it’s hard to receive negative feedback. But it’s important you deal with it graciously. Ensure you have a process in place to deal with complaints so you can provide the best solution to deliver a good customer shopping experience.

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