Optimise your amazon PPC ads for better returns

Optimisation is the key to achieving top ad rankings and getting more clicks from relevant searches. Optimising your Amazon Advertising campaigns and improving quality will boost their performance. Here are three ways you can optimise your Amazon advertising campaigns and get more from your investment:

  1. Evaluate match-type performance

We strongly recommend you explore which keywords are generating the greatest stats. Focusing your budget on the strongest performing keywords will help you avoid wasting budget on ones with a weaker match type.

  1. Examine your key phrase lists

You should regularly review your lists of keywords so you monitor which ones are performing and remove or replace the ones that are not. Incorporating new terms into your lists will ensure you keep up to date with changes in the market or category and audience behaviour, helping your campaigns grow and evolve.

To keep your ACoS inside the desired range, you should adjust your offers accordingly. And keep an eye out for any updates Amazon makes to the ad placements, making any relevant adjustments to your strategy.

  1. Examine keyword results

Monitoring the ACoS of every keyword is critical to avoiding overspend. Changing your bids depending on a keyword’s performance will help maximise your budget and drive profitability.

You should also lower your bid on sites with the greatest ACoS, and raise you bid on sites with the lowest. This will help attract more visitors and potential sales.

Some keywords will undoubtedly be more expensive than others. You need to monitor these words constantly to make sure they’re still converting. If they’re not, they’re eating into your advertising budget, and you should remove or replace them.

Employing these three disciplines as part of your Amazon advertising strategy will help you avoid common pitfalls that can impact the performance and profitability of your campaign. To ensure you have all of the information you need to optimise your campaign, here are a few other commonly asked questions:

How can I uncover more keywords?

Filtering your data reports will reveal keywords have high click-through rates. These are the ones customers are using to search for products like yours. Add these to your list of keywords to boost conversions.

Can I avoid my advertisements appearing in irrelevant searches?

Having your advertisements appear in searches that aren’t relevant to your brand or the products you’re selling is a waste of time – and budget. So to avoid this happening, make sure you compile a list of negative keywords too.

Should I stop running ads for products that are selling?

Once your products start to sell, it’s best practice to keep your PPC advertisements running rather than pausing or cancelling your campaigns. This will allow your business to optimise its online visibility and keep your brand fresh in the minds of any potential customers.

Extra sales will also boost your sales velocity, which benefits your position in organic search results.

Let’s design a successful campaign

Having extensive knowledge of Amazon advertising makes optimising your amazon PPC ads so much easier. More and more brands are turning to an Amazon ad agency to help them design a successful Amazon advertising campaign. It’s less hassle and delivers results faster than going it alone. So, if you’re looking for specialist Amazon consulting, the Melody team, will be pleased to help. Get in touch and we’ll work with you to best understand how we can increase your sales and conversions by running an optimised Paid Advertising campaign

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