The Best Way to Begin Your Amazon PPC Ads

If you’re just starting out with Amazon PPC, we recommend one of the first things you do is establish an Amazon automated campaign – especially if you’re a solo seller. An automated campaign takes a lot of the hard work out of getting going, giving you everything you need without having to use any extra tools for keywords or advertising.

Your advertising will appear in both the search results and listings of your competitors, thanks to Amazon’s excellent keyword selection. Once the automatic campaign has been up and running for a while, you can use the data and keywords generated to launch a manual campaign. If you decide to take back some control, here are some things you’ll need to pay attention to:

  • Choosing keywords
  • Recognising several kinds of keyword matches
  • Deciding on a budget and bids for advertising
  • Making campaigns and ad groupings that make sense
  • Optimising your marketing campaign

How will I generate the keywords?

If you’re running an automated campaign, you don’t need to do anything because Amazon will create your keywords based on your product listing and popular search queries.

But if, on the other hand, you’re running a manual campaign, you’ll need to come up with the keywords on your own. And there are two primary methods to help you identify keywords:

  • Find the keywords that drove sales from the search term report if you ran an automatic campaign for the same product
  • To find appropriate keywords for your goods on Amazon, use a third-party keyword tool

Which type of keywords should I use?

In your Amazon PPC ad campaigns, you can choose between three different sorts of keyword matches:

  • Broad Match – will include your ad in keyword-related searches, which may also contain indirectly connected phrases
  • Phrase Match – allows you to have your advertisement show up anytime someone searches for a relevant term that includes your keywords, including subtle variants or misspellings
  • Exact Match – meaning that only when a customer searches using the precise term or phrase you’ve specified will your ad display

To determine which match type performs best for each keyword, it’s worthwhile testing all three. The outcomes can be unexpected because Amazon considers a variety of factors when determining which PPC ads to display. The impact on your ad results, though, can be challenging to predict.

It sounds complicated, is it?

There’s an art to Amazon advertising. Getting the hang of things quickly is the key to success. So, although doing everything on your own may seem like a good idea, it can be complicated, time-consuming and a hassle while you work things out for yourself. If you get things wrong, going it alone can turn out to be quite expensive too. Hiring an Amazon ad agency can help to you avoid doing everything on your own, as teams of experts help save you time, money, and effort.

Our Amazon Advertising services are among the best in the business. In order to give you the highest ROI, our staff are dedicated to helping your business reach its sales goals. So, if you’re looking for Amazon advertising services with a decent ROI, get in touch.

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