Using Amazon DSP to increase your sales and ACoS

With more people turning to Amazon as their go-to online shopping destination, it’s clear why brands already selling on Amazon consider using advertising to gain further visibility and sales on the platform.

There is no other online retailer like Amazon currently on the market making such waves and opening up the possibility for large revenue for many businesses, no matter what their size. Utilising Amazon advertising services can help to funnel even more sales through to large businesses who also sell on their own websites and other third-party websites, as well as giving small independent businesses who sell solely on Amazon a platform for success.

Amazon DSP with remarketing appears on Amazon owned properties, as well as mobile devices such as Android and iOS. Unlike regular Amazon advertising, display ads on Amazon devices focus more on remarketing to retarget users who have previously browsed on the website. The functionality also retargets users who have visited the brand’s own website or looked at competitor products on Amazon itself. Amazon DSP provides you with a core audience of users with a keen interest in the products you are selling, who didn’t convert – which means they are still in the market for what you are offering.

You can programmatically buy Amazon display, video and audio ads at scale. The display ads for example contain product images and product information to encourage users to have a second look at your product. These ads can appear on websites completely unrelated to your product, but because they allow advertising and the user has shown prior interest in your brand, you can advertise your product for a second chance at a sale.

The difference between Amazon advertising and Amazon DSP advertising is that Amazon search ads target people as they are searching for your product whereas the Amazon Sponsored Display service helps you find all the potential customers outside of Amazon that may need an extra ‘push’ to buy. Brands who are serious about advertising on Amazon understand that the best strategy is a combination of search and Sponsored Display.

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This article was written by Matt Howes, Ecommerce Director at Melody.

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