The Cost Of Not Using An Agency With Specialist Amazon Knowledge

If your Amazon account and campaigns aren’t set up and managed correctly, it’s all too easy for your advertising budget to run away with you. But, handing over control of your Amazon advertising to a third-party can seem daunting. Your business is your ‘baby’ after all.

There are huge benefits to working with an agency who specialise in Amazon advertising, not least the amount of your time it frees up, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

For a monthly fee, your partner agency will take care of everything, managing your campaigns behind the scenes. The fees will differ, as each agency will have different rates for the service they offer. And although you may think you’re saving money by not investing in agency help, not partnering with a specialist agency partner can end up costing you more. Here are just some of the ways an agency can help.

Not enough management

Setting up a good campaign and then letting it run without ever checking in or tweaking elements to improve performance isn’t enough. A campaign that was thriving 6 months ago could now be losing money due to changes in the Amazon algorithm, search behaviour or new competitors entering the market. To keep up with these changes, competitors, trends and keyword bid adjustments, you need to be able to dedicate time to your advertising. Your budget can be easily wasted if you’re not monitoring where it’s going.

Too much management

If you have a very specific budget to spend on advertising and you want to make sure you get the most out of it, it’s all too easy to make changes and reduce budgets. Doing this too quickly is a common mistake. The best optimisation is based on real statistics garnered by your ads and keywords. If they don’t have enough time to run, how will you know if they are working well or not? Every campaign has a learning phase so you can see what needs tweaking, removing, or enhancing. Micromanaging from the second a campaign launches is setting it up for success.

Sloppy Keyword Research

Getting the right mix of keywords is a delicate balancing act on Amazon. Too many keywords can dilute your campaign (and budget) but too few, high volume keywords is a sure way of wasting budget in a far too competitive space. Your keyword research should be extensive and consider match types, competitors and their keywords, existing converting keywords and more.

An Amazon specialist agency will use their knowledge of the platform to monitor and manage your campaign regularly, optimising what is falling behind, ensuring budget is spent on the best performing ads and not on non-performing keywords.

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