We gave Amazon shoppers a little ginspiration

Various Blood Monkey Products. Text reads "Straight talking flavour"

Where once only a handful of gin brands competed for shopper attention, now there are thousands. So, launching a new gin is no small feat, especially when you’re launching on Amazon.

But Blood Monkey is no ordinary gin. Inspired by a 17th century recipe forgotten for over 350 years, it’s a uniquely smooth gin that can be sipped neat, drunk straight, or mixed. Such a unique product came with an equally unique brand look and feel and a bold, provocative tone of voice – the perfect platform for us to create standout Amazon product listing and A+ content in perhaps the world’s most competitive environment.

We selected imagery that showcased the product’s USP and versatility, mixing product and packaging shots with brand, heritage and use-case photography. Images were enhanced with graphics and callouts that helped distinguish Blood Monkey from its rivals and give it an Amazon competitive advantage.

Images of Blood Monkey bottle in various locations, such as on a table next to a drink, on a bench in front of street art

Product descriptions were kept short and punchy to improve the user experience for prospective buyers, with keywords woven throughout to boost organic search results.

We then crafted a bold, and powerful A+ page, bringing the product detail and brand story to life. We toned down the language slightly to suit Amazon’s criteria but kept just enough to let the brand’s unique spirit shine. And as with the product listing copy, we wove SEO focused keywords throughout the narrative to boost Amazon SEO, making it easier for shoppers to discover Blood Monkey for themselves.

We deliberately kept the page design clean and simple, using our Amazon expertise to select design modules that would allow the beautiful brand imagery to take centre stage. Our perfect serve suggestions were mouth-wateringly provocative and complemented the bold black and white product imagery perfectly.

Having created a beautiful A+ page, we then set up an Amazon PPC advertising campaign to drive traffic and conversions. We also created a social campaign, making the most of the gin’s cheeky brand identity to grab attention on Instagram and funnel sales straight to our new Amazon page.

By using a combination of Amazon strategy, bold content, audience insight and smart media, we were able to achieve some impressive results from the get-go:

Months 1-3

Top 5

category status within 2 months of launch


revenue increase

Success to date

Top 10

The brand consistently places in Amazon’s top 10 Irish gin brands


total RoAS in 2022

300% +

increase in YoY impressions over Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Results such as this reinforce just how important it is to create strong, engaging A+ content, something backed by Amazon’s finding that A+ Content results in an average of a 5.6% sales lift and echoed by our client:

“Melody Agency have been instrumental in our brands’ success since launch in 2020. From listing and shipping on Amazon, through to page design and development and media management, I cannot rate or recommend them highly enough.”

Jason Kidd,
Founder, Blood Monkey

Blood Monkey Amazon Brand Store

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