We gave NMN Bio’s Amazon strategy for their vitamin supplements a boost

The Covid pandemic created a spike in popularity for ecommerce platforms such as Amazon. As more and more people turned to online shopping, more brands signed up to list and sell their products, creating a hugely competitive marketplace.

In such a crowded space, it’s hard for any brand to stay ahead of their competitors, let alone an independent challenger brand such as NMN Bio. Making matters worse was the fact that they were operating in one of the most fiercely contended categories – health and beauty. Big brands with even bigger budgets were dominating the category with substantial deals over peak periods, making it difficult to compete on price alone.

So rather than try to outspend the competition, NMN Bio needed to outsmart them with a savvy marketing and Amazon PPC strategy – something they weren’t getting from their existing agency. And that’s where we came in.

We used a ‘test and learn’ strategy to effectively optimise their Amazon account, making their Amazon advertising spend as efficient as possible and maximising RoAS. We adapted our strategy at each phase, perfecting the PPC campaign to deliver solid sales results and month on month growth.

NMN Bio Amazon Product Listing in the Search Results
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on Amazon UK with Sponsored Ads


RoAS. Beat category average of 1.66 in 2021

Top 40

recognised by Amazon’s algorithm as best-selling Vitamin B3 products


of all sales came through the advertising

We were delighted to have achieved results such as this, when launching a challenger brand into one of the most competitive marketplaces in the world. But we were most proud of the product rankings we secured.

The products appeared in the top 40, which for a challenger brand new to the platform, is relatively unheard of. In fact, both the 250mg and 500mg products are still in the top 40 best-selling Vitamin B3 products on Amazon. This means that their sales traction has been so good, they have been recognised by Amazon’s algorithm as being best-selling products within the entire category.

As a result, we have a happy client who sees us more as an Amazon consultant partner than an agency. This collaborative relationship has helped us work closely together on market research projects that help inform product development. We provide insights that support decisions on everything from budget allocation to product price points. And we’re helping the client with plans to launch the brand into new markets including the USA.

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